I tested the amazing Drink Disk after being told about it by a friend, I am always sceptical about these things and some of their claims, but as you will see from my pictures, the results were amazing. I tested it out on a mint plant, following the directions that came with the Drink Disk.

Cut some mint from the same plant let them wilt for a day, got two glasses of our tank water put one in each glass placed them either end of the windowsill, Treated one with the Drink Disk as per the instructions and left the other untreated.
After 2 days you could see the difference in the plants, the untreated plant continued to wilt while the other started to look healthier. By day 4 there was a bigger difference and I stopped the treatment on the test glass, by day 6 my wife felt sorry for the wilted plant and put it in the treated water after just 1 day it had started to recover.
Two weeks after we stopped the treatment the plant that started in the treated water now has a very large root system, I don’t understand the way it works but it works.
I also treated some town water that was hard to drink, sat the glass on the Drink Disk for around 5 minutes and the difference between the treated water and the non-treated water was considerable. The same goes for the port we treated, as I said cannot explain it but it works.

Peter Stark, Gippsland, Vic.