The parent Company, General Incentives P/L was incorporated in 1991. It commenced operations in the same year and has been variously located in S.E. Queensland. Its registered office is now located on the Gold Coast. The primary activity of the business, historically, has been as market developers.  Its client base has included both small and large service type businesses but has variously included major National Franchise Networks..

A quiet but important community contribution within the company's above Industry Group focus, has been the promotion of practical environmental strategies. Extending its long standing interest in environmental products and services the Company diversified in 1995 and formed an environmentally specific product division. This resulted in the manufacture, marketing, research and development of several products. The main thrust being Water treatment technologies.

The Company holds patent rights relating to these core water products. In 1998, the Company's brand The Living Well® , was formally registered and the earlier generation of today's new product range launched. These products were well received within the target market and with significant numbers of satisfied customers on board, the Company began to track customers' results.

The outcome was an unexpectedly high number of quite extraordinary testimonials. Buoyed by the extent and quality of this feedback the Company determined that it was time to seriously look at how to bring its products further into the mainstream. Achieving the right balance of technological sophistication, cost and quality has been key in developing a sustainable strategy.

Targeting the technology to fall within realistic price parameters for the broader market became a central goal. This has now been realised with a re-engineered product range that has also been re-branded to more readily appeal to this broader market. A new milestone for the Company is now being realised with the roll out of the WATERPHYSICS® brand.

Strategically, the Company's 'clicks and mortar' business model is somewhat of a new hybrid for direct marketing, made possible by the ever growing numbers of internet savvy consumers and an adherance to the proven worth of localised, friendly personal service. A growing range of household products centered around the Company's core intellectual property is ensured into the future with its nationwide grass roots network of industry professionals at the forefront.

The Company's mission is to make available to every home, the possibility of a better quality of life, with a range of products that will stand the test of time and deliver ongoing wellbeing for its customers. All within reach of the average household budget. Please visit our information page for more details.

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