A primary cause of aging is the accumulation of cellular wastes in the body. This creates acidity leading to diseased states. Drinking plenty of quality water can increase oxygen levels, deliver nuturents more efficiently and assist our blood (92% water) to remove cellular wastes before they accumulate and create toxic environments for disease to take hold.
What is Acidity
Acidity is the result of accumulated toxins and wastes, derived from the body burning nutrients within our cells, in order to maintain body temperature. These nutrients come from what we eat and drink and are broken down into four main elements. Carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. After these nutrients are ' burnt' - actually oxidized, in the cells, they turn into organic acids: carbonic acids, uric acids, lactic acids, fatty acids, ammonia, etc. (Fats are acidic even before oxidation.) After first being dissolved in the blood, these acidic wastes and toxins are then disposed of as urine or perspiration.
Unfortunately, the body cannot get rid of all the left over acidic waste products that it generates within, due to diet, lifestyle and environment and we accumulate these within our body. This creates the conditions for degenerative disease and concurrent accelerated cell division, which is also dynamically linked to aging -see Telomeres.
An Alkaline Solution
The first criticial step to living longer is practically sitting right under our noses. Drinking water. The important questions are: What kind of water and how expensive is it going to be on a daily basis? Drinking 8 glasses of Waterphysics®' Energised Water daily, is practical and affordable for everyone. It works by delivering the alkaline minerals in your tap water ie. calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc. more effectively. Thus promoting an alkaline environment which acts to counter acidity. This can optimise the blood (92% water) and increases the blood's ability to due its job efficiently. That is, to deliver oxygen, nutrients and remove cellular waste products. The best news is, we do not need to look further than the kitchen sink! WATERPHYSICS® Affordable, Anti-Aging for everyone.
Enhancing Tap Water
It has long been understood that tap water,like natural water,contains an abundance of minerals.Calcium,magnesium,potassium, sodium etc. However, the industrial processes of chemical treatment, pressure and friction from kilometres of pipes, diminishes the health (ionic) value of these life critical minerals in tap water, generally considered difficult for the body to process and absorb. WATERPHYSICS® provides the solution, by mimicking the effect of nature's magnetic fields in prisitine aquifers. "Its like a Mineral Spring In Your Kitchen"
Cells Living longer To illustrate the role of WATER in anti-aging it is useful to reflect on the work of Twice Nobel Prize recipient, Dr Alexis Carrel. He proved that animal/human cells could potentially live forever.To demonstrate,he used embryonic cells and set up an experiment controlling the environment these cells were being kept alive in. This involved intervention; balancing the amount of nutrients, oxygen, minerals etc, as well as the efficient removal of all cell wastes, to ensure that these living cells would exist in an acidic - free environment. Astonishingly, in exactly the same way that blood can serve as the delivery system to maintain the wellbeing of every cell in the human body, Dr Carrel's experiment kept these same cells alive for 28 years. Cells that otherwise would have quickly perished from acidity. Recent scientific research has pinpointed the genetic triggers which can turn the clock back. Telomeres. Dr John, our digital presenter, explains in simple language, the powerful links between Telomeres, drinking water, blood and Anti-Aging 3 x 2 minute videos.
" I wish I could tell the world about this amazing product !!! "
"..After using numerous commercial creams, remedies prescribed by doctors, and homeopathy, I had all but given up ever having clear, presentable skin ever again..."
"..My mum was conscious of the water we drank and we always had a water filter on our tap. Then, mum heard about the WATERPHYSICS® retrofit system and decided to get one installed for our general well-being. Being used to filtered water, it still tasted the same and I continued to drink the normal amount I always had.....
About 3 weeks after having it installed I started to notice on improvement in my skin.
After 6 weeks when other people started to comment about it looking clearer I couldn't wait to get out of bed every day and run to the mirror.
After 3 months people were actually starting to tell me what beautiful
glowing skin I had! .."
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Lost Secret
The reality is, most of us don’t drink enough water. Yet nature designed us to drink water, pretty much exclusively. Think about it. Humans have been evolving for a few hundred thousand years. It is only in the last 2 or 3 hundred years that our fluid intake has significantly deviated from the natural order.

In this very short time we have ‘lost the SECRET’ to drinking water and are just now 'returning to our senses'. The bottled water revolution testifies to this. For many though the cost is prohibitive

WATERPHYSICS® is affordable and delivers an excellent product, in unlimited quantities, right from your kitchen tap.
You Are What You Drink
A new born child is comprised of 75% water. The average adult is around 60 - 65% water. The elderly, as low as 50%. In spite of this however, we do not look like or feel as though half of us is made up of water? The fact is, most of the water in the human body is contained in and around our several billions of cells. For example, the total amount of water in the body of a 70kg person, is approximately 42 ltrs. Within the cells is 28 litres. The space around the cells 10 litres. Our blood 3 litres, Spinal and other fluids etc 1llitre. Fluids go in fluids come out. What happens in between is you. Your brain is 85% water. Our other vital organs like the lungs, the heart, the liver and the kidneys contain a large quantity. Our skin 90% and our blood 92%. Even our bones contain 31% water. So what does all this information mean to us and why?
Generations Of Neglect
Well, the science is clear, the doctors have signed off and it is time to break the generations of neglect. Whether you like it or not, your health, wellbeing and future are determined by the quality and quantity of the water you drink. It is not just a matter of ‘sufficient fluids’. That is old school. The new normal is here. Waterphysics means water is easier to drink . Making the transition to adequate and quality hydration is an important step for everyone. Waterphysics has spent a decade working to get this just right. Now, real hydration is here and we have every household covered. Drinkability, Affordability and appropriate solutions for every home. Renting Buying Selling Staying - our flexi-systems adapt according to needs.
Already have a water filter? we've got that covered too! Now there's no excuses. But seriously, every little step you take today adds up and it will matter, a lot. For you, your family and your friends. Everyone wants to be healthy and free of disease. Developing the habit of effective hydration can quickly turn into a very positive experience. Some say its addictive. Well that’s good. WATERPHYSICS® does not claim to be therapeutic though. It doesn’t need to. Your body is armed with all the tools necessary to do the job. It just needs good fuel.