Fat Metabolism
So what is the big secret to water and weight loss ? Well, here is the first factor: “Fat Metabolism”. This is something the liver does when it converts stored fat into energy. Problem is, one of the liver’s other duties is to pick up any slack on behalf of our kidneys. An important point because our kidneys are often water-deprived. This then basically lowers the liver’s productivity. And herein lies the primary culprit. The unfortunate knock-on is that the liver can’t metabolize fat as quickly or efficiently as it would if the kidneys were doing their job properly. And so, on goes the weight!
Breakthrough Point
When you start drinking more water, in particular energised water, what begins to happen is that your brain starts to reorganise. As you continue to give your body more water, it slowly begins to let go of fluids from its emergency storage areas*. Your ankles, hips and thighs, even around your belly! and this water retention
shows on the scales. *This is the “breakthrough point.” Where the brain feels secure enough with its new supply of quality water and begins to ‘let go’ of retained fluids. And off comes the weight! Read the full story of Water and Weightloss
A Positive Spin-off
You could find your newly found energised water regime, is addictive (a big positive). You may have never drunk real water in your whole life. The same for your parents and grand parents before you. Drinking water traditionally comes from the kitchen tap and you could be forgiven for not liking it! But dont worry, once your body wakes up to the fact that there is something ‘new’ about the water quality, once it gets a taste of the ‘real thing’. it may well take up the ‘cause’ and save you a fortune, as well as put you on the road to a slimmer, healthier body.
The spin off is that you’ll probably drink a lot less fluids that contribute to weight gain. e.g. softdrinks, juices etc. Tea or coffee if you take milk and/or sugar. You may sleep better, feel less lethargic and generally feel more alert or alive. These are typical comments we get as feedback from customers.

A Decrease in Appetite
When you drink all the water you need, you may quickly notice a decrease in your appetite. If you’re serious about becoming leaner and healthier, drinking water is an absolute must. If you’re doing everything else right and still not seeing results, this might be the ‘straw to break the camel's back’
Eating To Satisfy Thirst
The human brain is the most complex structure known to man. Being the truly amazing organ that it is, working 24 hours a day, it is also a massive consumer of energy. It consists of approx. 9 billion nerve cells and is 90% water. Twenty percent of all blood circulation is allocated to the needs of these cells and a whopping chunk of the energy (blood sugar) we convert from foods etc., is required to feed them.
But there is another source of energy for the brain. You guessed it, Water. This remarkable fact could dramatically alter the way your body loses weight. When your brain wants water you give it food! This can be deadly for weight gain. Read more about this potentially transformative weightloss strategy. From WATERPHYSICS® Ibyte # Series. No.9 : ENERGISED WATER AND WEIGHTLOSS (part one).

Train the Brain

It has often been said that drinking lots of water 'stops you feeling hungry'. 'It makesyou feel full'. This is very true. the fact is, that when the brain's constant need for water is being satisfied, the need for blood sugar/energy is reduced.
It is a matter of *training the brain to recognise that its needs for water are being met. With WATERPHYSICS this message* is more efficiently transmitted. Eveything is working in closer accord with nature's design in us. Water is more readily recognised for what it's supposed to be. An energised fluid. The blood, in a higher state of organisation, carries out its duties with greater speed and effectiveness. Your body recognises this and makes the call. For many this will come easily. For some it is a matter of 'pushing the river' a little bit. After a while, it gets much easier. This is because the brain starts to tune in and bad habits get phased out in favour of more inherent and 'truer 'genetic responses. Plus many other benefits also kick in to assist in a general feeling of wellbeing. It is the 'addictive' factor.

This greatly encourages the body to form new beneficial habits and the overall impact can often be a dramatic regulation in weight. The actual weightloss strategy is very simple. Read More Here.
Drink lots of water
Gradually increase intake at night and always drink plenty on starting the day. Try not to eat for at least an hour. Drink water before and after other meals. Soon you will get a liking for it and will drink more or less each day according to the way you feel. (If you have difficulty with holding water, constant sipping will work very well) You won't just lose weight! All sorts of little things start to happen. Gentle detoxing will most likely occur at intervals and a feeling of extra clarity will begin to invade. Pretty soon you'll be compiling your own WATERPHYSICS® story! see: www.waterphysics.com.au/feedback
In a nutshell, this water is easier to drink. Human physiology has not yet sufficiently transformed itself to accommodate the rapid pace of change over the last hundred years or so. It still obeys programming suited to a more ancient world. For example, our brain is working overtime at the office, in a stressful situation. The call goes out for a large amount of blood sugar to meet the demand. But in the process the brain still assumes this call for energy also involves lots of physical activity and so ends up producing and storing surpluses we won't use, as fat. This is because only 20% of the food we consume actually reaches the brain. 80% is automatically allocated for elsewhere but unfortunately is not necessarily used up as physical exertion. Thus weight gain is inevitable. Besides some exercise, the solution to this particular problem can be met through drinking water. Here's why: It relates to the brain's always urgent needs for hydration. Recent discoveries show that the brain has another source of energy other than blood sugar. It is a form of 'hydro-electricity' generated by water molecules passing through cell membranes and turning the equivalent of highly specialised turbines. This energy is then used by the brain's transport (nervous) system and supports the network to the rest of the body. The brain is also constantly calling for water to support the work of its 9 trillion cells. But it will also send out calls for blood sugar, if its not getting enough water. So it is now sending two signals for energy. One for food (blood sugar) and one for water. The problem with this is that in the modern world we have been weened away from drinking enough water, (which is endemic) and cannot discriminate between these two signals when required. We confuse the signals of the body's constant need for water with those for food. In other words we confuse thirst signals with hunger signals and end up eating to satisfy thirst. For weightloss it is deadly, because hydration is an almost constant need of the brain, let alone the body's other two trillion cells.”