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Selected letters of feedback from customers on this site are genuine but are not representations by WATERPHISICS®. The Company makes no therapeutic claims and reproduces these letters for customer research purposes only. Always consult your physician concerning health issues..

Selected letters of feedback from customers on this site are genuine but are not representations by WATERPHISICS®. The Company makes no therapeutic claims and reproduces these letters for customer research purposes only. Always consult your physician concerning health issues

We are all unique.
When we make the decision to hydrate our bodies by drinking more water, or perhaps by upgrading the water we drink, each of us will react in different ways. WATERPHYSICS® does not make any therapeutic claims. It simply engineers water that closely mimics the way nature intended it to be. For thousands of years we have been evolving with this kind of water. By restoring our bodily environment to a more 'naturally hydrated' state means our capacity for self healing and rejuvenation is enhanced. The results will differ from person to person because the effect is a whole-of-body dynamic, a cell by cell event multiplied potentially billions of times over. The whole bodily system may adjust depending on the quantity and quality of the water we are hydrating with and outcomes will vary accordingly.
In some cases results may be quite extraordinary, for others not necessarily noticeable. Often lots of small, imperceptible things can happen to improve our wellbeing, a process of gradual benefits that go relatively unnoticed as our body assumes good health 'in its stride'. The one thing that is certain and is attested to by the scientific and medical community generally.Drinking plenty of quality water on a regular basis is essential for good health. Combined with regular exersise, especially walking, the odds of living an extended, better quality of life are greatly enhanced.

Cause of disease
The body's normal daily process of renewal, creates byproducts in the form of a group of acidic wastes. Over time, these wastes create the environment for disease if the body can not flush them out with regular efficiency. This is where drinking water comes into play. Something that we humans have neglected in past decades as we have become consumers of fast foods, softdrinks and the like.
In a sense, most of us need to 're-learn' how to hydrate, as years of neglect creep up on us. Re-Learning to drink water can be viewed as an adventure. One that nature will enthusiastically support in us. Give it your best shot, 'push the river' just a little, and judge the results for your self. You might be pleasantly surprised. We would love to hear your stories. WATERPHYSICS® - OUR PROMISE: Once you have it, you will never want to go back to drinking ordinary water again.


I tested the amazing Drink Disk after being told about it by a friend, I am always sceptical about these things and some of their claims, but as you will see from my pictures, the results were amazing. I tested it out on a mint plant, following the directions that came with the Drink Disk.

Cut some mint from the same plant let them wilt for a day, got two glasses of our tank water put one in each glass placed them either end of the windowsill, Treated one with the Drink Disk as per the instructions and left the other untreated.

After 2 days you could see the difference in the plants, the untreated plant continued to wilt while the other started to look healthier. By day 4 there was a bigger difference and I stopped the treatment on the test glass, by day 6 my wife felt sorry for the wilted plant and put it in the treated water after just 1 day it had started to recover.

Two weeks after we stopped the treatment the plant that started in the treated water now has a very large root system, I don’t understand the way it works but it works.

I also treated some town water that was hard to drink, sat the glass on the Drink Disk for around 5 minutes and the difference between the treated water and the non-treated water was considerable. The same goes for the port we treated, as I said cannot explain it but it works.

Peter Stark, Gippsland, Vic


Our Pets with WATERPHYSICS Water
Just a letter to thank you for installing the Waterphysics Water Filter System connecting to our refrigerator which gives us beautifully clear chilled water. The taste has changed our way of life, as we are now drinking more water than ever previously, as it tastes so good, so much so our “children” (3 toy poodles), demand their water bowl filled from the fridge at least 3 times a day (if we fill it from the tap without your system, they refuse to drink it!) Pets know best!
The other amazing fact is that previously before we had your system we were forever scrubbing their water bowl due to a greenish discolouration and residue accumulating on the bottom. This does not occur with Waterphysics. The bowl is spotlessly clean and never stains.
The youngest little boy poodle has had lots of health problems, one of which was extremely itchy and scaly skin, which he was forever licking and aggravating, since drinking your water, our little “Moet” has never been so happy, the rash and itchiness has gone, his coat is growing back healthily (where he used to forever lick , he had lots of bald spots). We would thoroughly recommend the Waterphysics Water Filtration System to anyone who loves the good life and good health.

Thank you, once again,
Best Regards, Barry & Victoria Allen


My name is Lisa and this is my testimonial for WATERPHYSICS® Water Filter Systems.

From about the age of 13, I began to suffer from skin problems. As a young high school student there is nothing worse than getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror to see a face with pimply skin. My mum had always been conscious of the water we drank and had a commercial water filter on our taps. After using numerous commercial creams, remedies prescribed by doctors, and homeopathy, I had all but igiven up ever having clear, presentable skin ever again. My mum heard about WATERPHYSICS® water filter system and decided to get one installed for our general well-being. Being used to filtered water, it tasted the same and I continued to drink the normal amounts I always had. About 3 weeks after having it installed I started to notice on improvement in my skin. I hoped I wasn't just willing it to look better but after 6 weeks when other people started to comment about it looking clearer I couldn't wait to get out of bed every day and run to the mirror. After 3 months people were actually starting to tell me what beautiful glowing skin I had! I went on to a successful modelling and fitness career. During this same 3 month period of watching my skin clearing up, the rest of my family continued on in their own everday ways and they too were drinking WATERPHYSICS® filtered water. Without realising it beforehand, my mum made the comment that she was feeling so much less tired and more energetic. Was it the filtered water? She was sleeping better at night and looked so much more "alive". She even joined a gym and goes before work every morning. She looks younger and feels great!!.

People may be sceptical and think this is not believable but this "magic" water filter is like a miracle! It really is like the fountain of youth.

I wish I could tell the world about this amazing product!!!!!


Lisa P - Gold Coast


I have been an asthmatic since my early teens. I am now 61 years old. Having tried a large array of medicine and so called miracle cures over the years all to no avail, leaving me with a dread that I would go out and leave my puffer. I purchased a Drink Disk about 12 months ago purely to enjoy a better tasting drink of water (and wine). The water taste was proven before purchase, the wine after.

The biggest welcome side effect was the controlling of my asthma to the effect that a fortnight after using Drink Disk I have not used any medication. I would be happy to verify this to any intended purchaser who would like to ring me, Eric Heron on *see below. I would also state that I am not affiliated in anyway with marketing of said product.

Eric H, Queensland


I recently turned 60 and have never felt better. I hope my story will help you take control of your health no matter how old you are. I was a runner for 35 years. I ran in sandshoes before we had heard of Nike in Australia. I loved running. I was addicted to it. It relieved stress. It made me feel good about myself because I had never been an athlete or a sportsman but in my late teens I found something I could do as well as anyone else. I ran along the beach in a suburb of Adelaide where I lived and subsequently on many beaches around the world as well as in the beautiful misty countryside of England, in Utah in the winter with fresh snow crunching under my feet, through amazing autumn leaves in North Carolina, in a pine forest along the north rim of the Grand Canyon, around the Emperor’s palace in humid Tokyo – just a few of my many memorable experiences. This was my way of seeing places and tuning out from the stresses of life for a while.
Running also kept me thin and fit although I wasn’t as healthy as I wanted to be. I often got sick and every time I went to a Doctor or a Naturopath they found something else wrong with me and they told me to drink more water. (I thought I drank enough). What I didn’t realize was that I was probably burning up more fuel than I was taking in. As I got older my health got worse, much of it probably caused by stress. me feel less stressed. Six years ago I discovered some fantastic supplements – vitamins and minerals which really made a difference and strengthened my immune system. However, by then I thought my running days were over as I had problems with my left ankle and both knees. I power walked but never enjoyed it as much as I did running. Last year I had surgery on my ankle – one orthopedic surgeon told me to take up bridge! Another told me to get some good running shoes and go for it. Guess which advice I followed? I bought a pair of Asics Gel Kayano – the best I could find for cushioning but I could only run for 5 or 6 minutes before the pain started in my knees.
In my quest for better health I have been drinking energized water from WATERPHYSICS®l for 6 months, continuing to take supplements, walk and lift weights. Reading John Kirk’s story recently about his improved performances in fun runs since drinking energised water inspired me to give it a go and to my amazement I was able to run for 30 minutes non stop with no pain. The only thing I have been doing differently is drinking more water, purified, energized water from WATERPHYSICS®. As well as other exercise I am continuing to run 3-4 times a week with no pain and feel better and better. My Naturopath has crossed most of what was wrong with me off the list – things such as gallstones ,candida, parasites and post viral infection. Also, my digestion has greatly improved. I had never enjoyed drinking water before – now I do and I realize there is nothing more fundamental to good health. Who said you can’t reverse aging?

Tony H, Robina, Queensland


My son Scott, on a recent holiday back home to Tasmania, introduced me to WATERPHYSICS® DRINK DISK. I’ve suffered from a geographic/ulcerated tongue for as long as I can remember and is an extremely painful condition. After many years of countless consultations with doctors, naturopaths etc I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to find a cure and would endure this condition for the rest of my life. My condition has improved dramatically to the extent of the ulcers clearing up entirely as a direct result from using the DRINK DISK on a regular basis.
I’ve always maintained a healthy lifestyle and believed drinking at least 2 litres of filtered water a day was essential. After experimenting with the DRINK DISK I discovered the taste of my drinking water greatly improved. It also improves the taste of beer and wine, making them a much smoother drink. I believe my general well being and energy levels have increased dramatically. The compact size of the disk takes up minimal bench space and the portability of the Drink Disk is a huge advantage, giving me the ability to take it with me whether on business or holidays
I’m delighted with the results to date to say the least. I would encourage you to try the DRINK DISK for yourself and would highly recommend this product to you

Athol Q-Devonport, Tasmania


I came to Australia in 1975 to seek for the better environment. When I arrived in Sydney I thought I was in Paradise with a beautiful scenery and clean air. At that time ago, Sydney wasn’t all that crowded and polluted. The air was much cleaner than where I was. Now I am 48 and have lived in fairly environmentally sound places. Never-the-less, I have developed a few minor problems in my body even though I have kept up a very healthy Japanese and natural diet.
Firstly a ganglion (hard lump) appeared underneath my wrist which made me stop doing push-ups. I consulted a doctor, who simply said it had to be removed surgically. I left it so long, like three years because I abhor any kind of operation. One day I was trying to feel this ganglion, which had been annoying me for so long and found it had disappeared!. Initially I thought I was feeling a wrong hand, but I couldn’t feel any ugly lump on both hands! That happened just three weeks after I started taking treated water. I thought that was miraculous and almost felt ET touched my horrible lump and made it disappear. Second thing was constantly annoying ginger- vitus or phoria. That took for a while to clear but within 2 months I felt the irritation in my mouth had gone. I am totally and utterly happy with the result I have and I am drinking more and more water every day. Somehow that water keeps making me thirsty. I am becoming an advocate for "The Drink Disk". Let’s toast with the magical water!

Ezzy.Y.-Cawongla, NSW

SCALDING - boiling water

I recently had the experience of accidently pouring about a litre or so of boiling water on to the very tender tissue just below my ankle. I was working at an on-site solar installation. To make matters worse, I was wearing heavy woollen socks and it took time to get my shoe off because I was in a very awkward and slippery position. This prolonged the scalding time considerably. Fortunately, I had cold water nearby and I had my DRINKDISK with me. After running cold water on my foot for about 2-3 minutes, I surveyed the damage. It wasn't a pretty sight! I sat in a comfortable postion and held the DISK just above the surface, it was incredibly painful to touch and I couldn't contemplate direct contact with the affected area. Then I moved the Disk around very very slowly at the same elevated level and could feel the amazing pulling effect, as the Disk and the body engaged with each other. I did this for about 5 minutes, also moving the Disk closer and further away from the affected area in alternating patterns, all the time concious of feeling the physical magnetic connection between foot and Disk. I repeated this excercise again about half an hour later and to my surprise I was able to easily move around (with sandals on). By the end of the day I was working almost normally. By the next day, there were two large dark red blemishes left on my ankle area but absolutely no discomfort and I was able to put shoes back on again with socks rubbing against the affected area. The marks remained for about 5 weeks and ultimately skin has peeled and the remaining evidence is now mostly gone. I can guarantee that this wound would have inflicted very considerable discomfort and inconvenience for quite a few days had I not had access to my DRINKDISK at the time.

PR - Northern Rivers. NSW


In October 2003 I started using my Drink Disk. I had suffered for years with severe back and leg pain due to a slipped disc. Cramps were also another major disability in my life. The cost of medication for these two debilitating conditions was extremely high, to say the least.; By December 2003, I found I no longer required any medication for either of these two conditions. The results being a much happier and active me. I am now pain and cramp free. Thanks to this wonderful little disk. We will never again use water from any other source. An added bonus is a 7kilo weight loss!

Kind regards

Gladys F-Christchurch-New Zealand


Some 20 years ago I suffered a compound facture of my right leg just above the ankle - in plaster for 18 weeks. Since then I have some discomfort, stiffness, swelling in my ankle plus evidence of “bruising”.About five months ago I began to develop arthritis in my right foot/ankle and was quite surprised how quickly this condition was affecting my movements, particularly when walking ? not a good sign for the future. Two months later I was introduced to, and began consuming, heaps of “energized” / filtered water ? 9 to 12 glasses per day. By “coincidence” all signs of arthritis were gone within 2/3 weeks! And I have not experienced any problems since. I am not suggesting that this is a “miracle cure” but I do know what has worked for me, I have less swelling and more movement in my ankle than I’ve had in years. Because of the taste and the “softness” generated by the energized/filtered water I have found that it is now very easy to consume 9/12 glasses of water each day. And because I’m now experiencing overall improved health and well being I have at last come to fully appreciate just why Doctors recommend that we should consume at least eight glasses of water per day (a very real challenge when restricted to drinking town water from the kitchen tap!)One further benefit is the remarkable improvement in the taste of wine and spirits that have been “energized” via “WATERPHISICS®” drink disk. Just another bonus.

Kevin F (J.P.)-Greystanes N.S.W

I am 79 years of age. I was introduced to the Drink Disk by my son who presently lives in Australia. At first I was very sceptical to the concept of energized water and its suggested health benefits. My son did not explain much, he just told me to drink as much as I could of the energized water every day, and so I did. For the first few months I did not feel any changes of any kind.
For the past 10 years or so I have suffered from slow blood circulation with very cold feet and legs every winter.
(I would have to wrap them up with towels, inside a normally heated home) After 6-7 months and into a cold winter, suddenly realized that my cold feet and legs had normalized completely. I have also for a similar time period suffered from aches and pains in my upper arms and shoulders. These symptoms have been especially strong during the cold Swedish winters.Also these pains have been considerably reduced from drinking the energized water.
I have not done any other changes in my life than adding the energized water so I am 100% sure that it is the Drink Disk that have helped me get rid of the problems that I have suffered from during the last 10 years.This is a truly fantastic product that I recommend to every one. It is so easy to use just drink water.


Valfrid B-SWEDEN


I have always been interested in health and healing. Over the past 5 years my interest grew and led me to explore natural therapies, which helped me to understand how important diet, exercise and general well being is to a happy lifestyle, but something was missing. With my busy lifestyle, I still found my energy levels were not satisfactory. I was then introduced to “Living Water”, by transforming “Dead Water” with the aid of magnetic therapy, through a wonderful product called The Drink Disk. I have now been using this product for 8 weeks. The results I have found are remarkable, my energy levels are back to what I remember as a child, my body heals itself in half the time it usually does and an amazing feeling of well being.
I am very excited to recommend this product to anyone wanting improved health and well being.

Scott Q. Tasmania.


The taste improvement on my filtered tap water (0.5micron carbon block) is amazing! I always felt that my tap water in Brisbane had a bad taste even after filtration. The filter obviously removed the chlorine flavor but the water still tasted "dead" somehow.
The drink disk brings it right back to life, it is fantastic! I also love the effect it has on other beverages such as wine and my favorite grapefruit juice.


I have always had a hard time drinking the amount of water that I know I should to maintain my health. It has especially been a problem since I moved to Mount Gravatt, Brisbane because the water tastes really bad. At first I bought a High Quality 0.5 micron Carbon block filter which efficiently removes all the unhealthy chemicals and any bad taste they may cause, especially the chlorine taste. This was a big step forward for me. I knew that the water I drank was clean and it tasted so much better. However it still was not as tasty as I would have liked it to be. I think because the water where I live is quite hard.
I recently got introduced to WATERPHYSICS® Drink Disk and what a tremendous difference it makes on the taste of the water. It is amazing! Now I love drinking water thanks to WATERPHYSICS® and the fabulous Drink Disk. It also works wonders with red wine and grape fruits/grape fruit juice.

Desiree-Mount Gravatt East, Brisbane

I was introduced to the WATERPHYSICS® Drink Disk at a time when just drinking lots of water was important. We bought filtered water from our local supplier Now not only does the water taste great, especially in the mornings, but my energy levels have dramatically increased
WATERPHYSICS® Drink Disk is so portable, I am able to take the disk with me any where I go, to clubs, restaurants and even to the office where I am required to sit for hours. I find that I have much more energy all through the day. This product has tremendous benefits for everyone just because of its portability.
Taste tests I have done on some other liquids such as spirits, Kahlua (Especial brand) Brandy (Chatelle brand) (both are the cheaper brands) had tremendous results. The taste got much smoother, which means that I can save money on buying less expensive brands and still get a higher quality drink.

Ricky M - New Zealand/Gold Coast


My story started close to 12 months ago. I had always thought of myself as been reasonably fit and healthy, but had a number of little niggling complaints.

I came across Waterphysics via a friend and was talked into installing a Waterphysics Water Filter and a drink disk.

At the beginning, as advised, I “forced” myself to consume a minimum of 1-2 litres of water daily. Within 3 weeks I found myself constantly having a glass virtually every time I walked into the kitchen. (I was becoming hooked on water, which I found interesting as over the last 30 odd years, I hardly ever drank plain water!!). I found myself drinking water in place of tea, coffee, soft drinks,etc.

As time went on I found little “things” happening.

My feet had for many years always been dry and cracked and I was constantly rubbing creams and oil into them. I found myself oiling less and less and I now hardly ever rub oil in....... My feet are reasonably soft and not cracked anymore... Amazing!!

I used to cut my nails very infrequently, but found myself having to cut them every 2-3 weeks. Also have noticed that where I always had little white “calcium” marks under the length of my nails, they have disappeared. I am also getting my hair cut much more regularly.

The big change has been my skin texture, etc. People are constantly commenting on my completion, healthy look, etc. (I’m early sixties). There is definitely something in this Waterphysics water!!!

Internally there are other changes. What used to be constant severe heartburn/reflux, there is now just the occasional bout plus I rarely seem to catch the flu, colds, etc. I recently went to the doctors for a check up and he was amazed at my general health and well being.

PPS. The drink disk has also changed my drinking (alcohol) habits. I now have a regular nip of scotch (budget brand) on the rocks. 3-5 minutes on the disk and wow, one smooth delightful drink. I have experimented with numerous drinks, even beer is smoother. (Must leave the unopened bottle of beer on the disk, once opened, it will flatten it).

Ken, Gold Coast Queensland



Just a quick note to let you know that today I used my new Shower Filter, and it felt like I was showering in a tropical rainstorm. The water smelt fresh, the soap lathered that much better, and when I had finished, my skin actually felt fresher. Two of my sons are Water Polo players and hence spend a great deal of time in chlorinated pools.

At least now I know that when they come home after a game or training, they will be washing the chlorine off, not adding to it.

Peter E - Sydney, NSW